Free Slots Jackpots

Of course, every slots gambler dreams of a big jackpot, no matter what game he chooses - online slots or land-based ones. But maybe some newbies don't know what exactly happens in this case.

So, hear is the list of what happens:

  • The lights on the machine will start flashing
  • Music will play
  • The massage on the screen will inform the winner that he/she should call an attendant

In all casinos an electronic signal will be send to a central monitoring department and casino workers will know that there is a large jackpot.

In the case of hitting jackpots under $5,000 some of the attendants will come and verify everything and say when the winner can get the money. And if it is a large and progressive jackpot technicians will come to certify all the functions of the machine.

And of course the question about taking the winning arises. Winners have an opportunity to take the winning in cash or in check. So, if it is a multi-million dollar jackpot, the winner will get a check according to which he/she can receive a part from the sum total. And then there are 90 days for the winner to decide how the sum will be paid: by an annuity on one's balance or by a lump sum.

IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

And also the taxes are at issue. All casinos have to report to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) about wins, which amount more than $1,200. In this case the winner will get a W-2G form, which will lists the following items:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Social security number

Supplying social security number is very important because if the winner doesn't provide it casino will withhold 28% on smaller jackpots.

And also the winner must require proper identification, which is very important because the casino can refuse to give the money without this document. No matter, what the document it will be, a passport, driver's license or Military ID, the document must have a person's photo. If the winner can't produce an ID, he/she will be photographed and when an ID will be produced, the casino will give the winning. So, every gambler should always have one of the above-mentioned documents when visiting the casino.

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