Slot Rules

Basic Slots Rules

Slots have the history of over 100 years and in that time the playing procedures and the machines are not changed so much, so people always had some knowledge about the operating procedure of the machine and for this slots remain popular from the beginning and now it has the highest popularity ever and everyday that is increasing.

The rules of the game are so easy that everyone can learn them within a few minutes. The rules remain the same for the online version of the game. Online slots have only a few changes than the old machines and those changes are based on the different versions of the game.

There is no other game, which rules are easier than slots. You have to insert the coin and then spin the reel and when reel stopped and if the combination becomes a winning combination then you will win the game. Rules of the most popular versions of slots are given briefly below and you will find that information useful to play the games.

Rules of Three Reel Slots

You have to get the winning combination symbols in the pay lines. It can have 5 different pay lines and those lines can be on the right diagonal and left diagonal, top row, bottom row and middle row.

Rules of Five Reel Slots

This version of slots can have up to 9 pay lines and it will increase the winning odds for the players. This version of slots is more popular than other versions of the game because of its higher number of pay lines. You have to get the winning combination on at least 1 pay line.

Rules of Bonus Slots

This version of slots will have a single pay line and that pay line is the middle row. If the pay line provides the symbol for winning bonus then you will get extra bonus with your real earnings.

Rules of Feature Slots

This is the best version of slots because it has higher numbers of pay lines and sometimes the number of pay lines can be over 15. It has the special feature named wild card and that card is a symbol that symbol is used to generate a winning combination.

Rules of Mega-Spin-Slots

This is a combination of more than one three reel slots at a bigger machine. Usually a mega spin slots machine has a mixture of at least 4-6 three reel slots machines. Every three reel slots has its own pay line so the mega machine produces 4-6 chances in every game.

Glossary of Slots Rules

Pay Lines

This is the combination of symbols what was pre-decided by the machine and if the reel makes the combination then the player will win the game and get the earnings.

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