Progressive Slots

What is Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpot is an attractive and special feature of modern slots games. The specialty of progressive jackpot is its high level payouts. People who do not play slots earlier but recently heard about the progressive jackpots they will start playing the game within a few days for sure. Though, progressive jackpots have higher payouts but not every progressive jackpot is same with each other.

What New Players Must Know

If you are a new player you have to know about the progressive jackpot first because if every progressive jackpot is different than others. The payouts and other offers for each progressive jackpot are different and some progressive jackpot can have lower payouts like the normal payouts, so you must know everything about the progressive jackpot before start playing the game.

Conditions Progressive Jackpots

For the online casino slots, the progressive jackpots will be hit if a 5 like symbol appears on the regular pay lines. There is a pay table for each slot machine and there are fixed causes to get progressive jackpots. The symbol will be marked as the theme symbol of the slots machine theme.

You also have to satisfy some other conditions to get the progressive jackpot. You have to activate all the pay lines and you also have to use the highest valued coins to play the game. If every of those conditions satisfy only then you will get progressive jackpot the symbol appearing, but if any of those conditions does not satisfy then you will be paid as regular payment.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are mainly two different types of progressive jackpots. The 1st type of progressive jackpots payouts is larger than you can imagine, that can be over million but the weakness of this type is, this jackpot can be only hit a few times in a year. The Beach Life and the Gold Rally of the Playtech casino are the example of that type of progressive jackpot.

The 2nd type of jackpot has higher hitting rates than the 1st type and it can hit more than one times in every week but the problem is it has much lower amount of payouts. Rapid Fire is the name of 2nd type progressive jackpots slots series. There are many websites about different offers and jackpots of slots and you can find huge information about different progressive jackpots from the website.

Other Way to Hit Progressive Jackpot

There are some different types of casinos with different types of slots machines where you do not need to get a special symbol on the pay lines, jackpots can happen anytime and players will be informed when jackpot hits and credited to his account. These Jackpots are known as the random jackpots and there are many casinos who offer this type of jackpots.

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