Types of Slot Games

There are several types of slot games machines, and all of them can be called online slots too:


These slots can take multiple-coin bet. You can play 5 and sometimes even more coins. In this case the bet is in direct proportion to the winning combination. But of course there is a maximum bet. The jackpot for one coin - 800 coins, but if it is combination with 2 coins, the jackpot will be 2000 coins and so on. Machines, which accept one coin, disappeared from all casinos.

Multipliers with a wild symbol

These are multiple-coin machines and they have a "wild" symbol, which means that if a player have 2 bars on two reels and the other one shows a "wild" symbol, one have a winning combination. Also "wild" symbol can increases a winning combination. There are a lot of "wild" symbols in the shape of diamonds and ellipses. And for example, if a player catches two "wild" symbols the final payment will multiply 25 times. That is why Multipliers with a "wild" symbols are extremely popular machines.

Multiple pay-line slots (multi-liners)

All traditional slot machines have one payoff line. Multiple pay-line slots may have three of them - in the middle, above it and one below. Also there are machines with two additional diagonal pay-lines giving a total of 5 lines. The amount of lines corresponds to the amount of coins.


These are multiple-coin machines with one payoff line, which have different winning combinations. Blazing Sevens is an example of a buy-your-pay jackpot.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

This type of slots machine is similar to multipliers, but when the maximum bet is inserted an extra bonus is added. For example:

  • coin - $100
  • coins - $200
  • coins (the max) - $500


Video slots became popular in 1980s. There a lot of them. It works without spinning reels like in traditional machines. It works only with computer simulation and a video screen shows spinning reels. As well as traditional slots video slots can be buy-your-pay, multi-liners, multipliers, etc.

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