Video Slot Machines

There is a great variety of slot machines types:

  • One line
  • Two line
  • Five line

The more reels the slot machine has, the more chances of winning the player has. This kind of slots can have 20 or even more images on each reel.

First 5 reels video slot appeared in 1975 and became extremely popular. In 1976 Walt Fraley invented the "Fortune Coin". Since then the producing of completely new series of slots started. And now software providers are reinventing this game all the time by creating new features and unbelievable jackpots.

The only disadvantage of playing slots is interactivity. Gamblers used to sit at the machine just being clicking a button and watching the reels. But with the introduction of video slots and online slots, this problem disappeared and new slots machines attracting the attention of many gamblers.

There are some distinctive features of 5 reel slots:

1. Wild and scatter symbols: All video slots have special images, which symbolize some certain prize for the player. The wild symbol means multiplying the payout. And the scatter symbol can give some bonus if it hit in a particular combination.

2. Bonus game: Playing the bonus game one can get an opportunity to win more cash.

3. Branded Slot: Some of the slots can be based on famous movies, cartoon characters. It was created for proving players with amazing entertainment.

Some of these are look like video games or short movies.

When one plays slots (online or offline) he/she should check the payout percentage before starting the game.

Microgaming is introducing new slots machine "New Games Rollout". It is considered to be the most acclaimed software supplier today.

4. The Pay for Play type of the game is the most hardest to understand. Putting one coin into the slot machine, one qualifies for a prize, which is associated with one coin. And that's why it is recommended to read and understand all the rules of this type of slots.

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