Starting of the Slots Machines

The game first started in the New York City in 1891 when Pitt and Sittman designed the first slot machine of the history. This machine was not like the modern slot machine, it was quite different from the present machine but it was the first of slots era, it is for sure. They made this machine with 5 drums and the combinations showed the poker hands but that machine did not have any payback system so the payback was depended on different prizes or free drinks. If that machine did not make at that time then it is sure online slots will never come in this modern era.

Early Ages

Charles Fey was the real inventor of modern slots machines. His first slots machine was named by the Liberty Bell and he assembled the machine in his basement. Though, people did not know a lot about that game so people usually used to play often but not regularly for a few years but when the machine was put in a hotel named Flamingo Hilton Hotel of Las Vegas this game was becoming popular day by day.

Adventure Begun

Though, Fey's slots machine was the father of modern slots machines but other modern versions of the slots machines are based on the basic mechanism. The machine was made with 45 KG cast iron and the fruit symbols produced the combinations to play. The machine also had diamond and spades of cards, suits, horseshoes and stars to produce the combinations.

Foe's machine provided $.5 payback and that was large enough for those days. The saloon and restaurant named Liberty Bell still contains the original slots machine. This was built by the grandchild of Fey and he keeps the legacy of his grandfather and original slots machine.

After the 1st slots machine, Fey built another machine what had more similarity with the modern slots machine. It had fruit design with real combination and that machine named Operator Bell changed the history of slots machines. He made many machines but those 2 machines made him famous for the earth history.

Difficulties for Slots

The Anti-gambling act of that time proved slots were used to gamble and slots were banned in 1909 in San Francisco and other countries within a few years. This situation stayed a few years and most of the slots machines and vendor machines were drawn in the ocean but after a few years, situation changed and slots became legal in every country of the United States.

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