Classic Slots

What is Classic Slots Machine?

Classic slots machine is originally a three reels or wheels slots machine. These three reels are used for both type of games playing the Basic Slots game and Follow-Up Slots game. You have to bet 1 credit for every spin. You can win up to 100 credits in the basic slots game if you game the game named with "Head or Tail".

How to Play

The specialty of classic slots machine is that both types of the games of the machine produce relatively high payouts for the winning combinations. The payouts can be as high as 200 times higher than you're spinning amount. "Lose or Double" is another popular game of the classic slots machine where you will be gotten 2 credits.

You can use the button called 'Club/Bet' to transfer your credits less than 200 to Club meter for starting the Follow up slots game and to send the credits to credit meter you can use the button named 'Collect' but If you won equal or over 200 credits then that credits will be automatically sent to Credit meter.

Later Gaming Procedures

For the Follow up slots game you will be able to bet 32, 24, 16, 12, 8, 4 or even 2 credits. Your winnings will start with the 8 credits for every spin and after every spin the winnings combinations will increase.

When the credits amount exceeds 200 then the credits will stay on club-meter but if you come back to Basic slots game then that amount will be sent to credit-meter automatically. The function called auto-play will be available for the both type of games the Basic slots and Follow-up slots.

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